Massachusetts Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department

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20 Bradston St
Boston, ma 02118
Phone: (617) 635-1000

Massachusetts Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) offers comprehensive reintegration assistance to our returning citizens, including the following re-entry programs and services on-site and also in partnership with multiple community-based organizations:

  • Reintegration Team:  The Reintegration Team secures a wide range of basic, essential re-entry services and is available to all sentenced inmates and pre-sentence detainees. Individual discharge planning begins when an inmate enters the institution and continues throughout his/her sentence until release. Re-entry services, information and referrals are delivered through individual consultation, group workshops, discharge panels, classes and presentations, as well as through virtual technology tools.  Areas of re-entry service include housing, recovery treatment, halfway house residential placement, health insurance, identification documents, child support, Parole and Probation liaising, benefits and entitlements, veterans’ support, and other related re-entry resources.  They also provide workforce development to those returning citizens preparing for post-release employment.  Emphasis is placed on offering vocational instruction, counseling and training; career development; resume writing; viable job leads; employment retention skills; addressing CORI-related issues; improving communication expertise and fostering good “work culture” habits.  Their Reintegration Team also maintains ongoing partnerships with a repertoire of area businesses, private companies and employment-assistance agencies that can offer hiring opportunities to inmates returning to their communities.
  • Family Matters:  Family Matters is a program developed to help inmates and their families work toward positive relationships that strengthen the family unit, reunite inmates with their children, and stabilize employment and housing with the goal of reducing recidivism.  The family/household of the incarcerated participant is also provided community-based resources and services to ease the challenges that are a byproduct of incarceration.  Issues of fatherhood, family engagement, parenting skills and family support services are addressed in partnership with a network of local agencies.
  • Community Supervision:  The objective of this program is to mentor and manage inmates in community settings with the goal of early reintegration into the community with no adverse effect to public safety.  Community Supervision participants must have a home plan approved by field officers. While in the community, the client must maintain employment or attend school (part-time or full-time).
  • Community Works Program (CWP):  The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, through the Community Works Program (CWP), sends properly classified inmates nearing the completion of their sentences into communities, under the constant watch of an armed Sheriff’s deputy, to provide labor for many city, state and town projects.  Cleaning vacant lots, beautifying roadway intersections, painting street lamps, boarding and securing abandoned homes and shoveling senior citizen housing walkways are just some of the many innovative jobs the inmates complete.  CWP is an essential part of vocational and job training services provided to offenders before release from the Suffolk County House of Correction.

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Last updated January 13, 2021


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