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11 Beacon Street
Suite 925
Boston, ma 02108
Phone: 617-723-8455
Toll-Free: 1-800-872-9992
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DLC is the federally mandated protection and advocacy (P&A) system in Massachusetts. We receive most of our funding from the federal government. The majority of our funding must be devoted to our core functions of monitoring and investigating abuse and neglect in places where people with disabilities live and receive services. The work we do with any other resources we have must be prioritized to guide the work of our legal staff and provide the structure required by these other funding sources.

DLC advocates for the interests of people with disabilities mostly through systemic reform in the courts and other legal forums. This is the work that is tied to our priorities that is not included in our core function of addressing abuse and neglect, which is our primary priority.

We provide information, referral, technical assistance and representation regarding legal rights and services for people with disabilities.

We provide legal services to eligible people and groups whose cases meet DLC’s priorities. (See list above)

We seek to strike a balance between systemic advocacy and individual representation.

Our experienced lawyers and paralegals conduct trainings for community groups and other advocacy organizations.

The work described below includes the cases we take to represent a limited number of individuals as well lawsuits we file to address widespread legal violations. Each year the DLC publishes a list of priorities to focus on. The priorities for the types of cases we will take for 2019 are as follows:

Human Rights Issues
– Abuse and Neglect and Serious and systemic violations of human rights of individuals with mental health disabilities residing in facilities and individuals with developmental disabilities.
– Person who is Deaf/Hard of Hearing encounters barriers related to communication access when interacting with law enforcement

Education Issues
– Students with disabilities currently receiving SSI/SSDI and in need of an accommodation within their academic environment
– Abuse and Neglect and Serious and systemic violations of human rights of students with disabilities in school facilities (for example: restraint and seclusion OR allegations of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of students in educational environments (whether residential or not))

Employment Issues
– Work related overpayment from SSA
– Beneficiaries of SSI/SSDI who are experiencing discrimination based on their disability at work

Housing Issues (within the United Way Service Area)
– Reasonable Accommodations
– Disability-related evictions
– Subsidy termination for disability-related reasons

Health Care Issues
– Access to effective communication in health care setting

Voting Issues
– Voting issues related to disability

Victim of Crime Issues
– Community Inclusion
– Education
– Employment
– Health Care
– Housing
– Human Rights
– Public Accommodation
– Human Rights
– Public Accommodation

Service hours

Office Hours: M-F: 9am - 5pm
Intakes: M,T,Th,F: 9am - 5pm

Requirements & Restrictions

Issue must be disability related and client must have a disability.


Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages are provided through interpreter services


While every effort is made to provide current and accurate information for the agency descriptions and hours of operation, it is recommended to call the agency to verify the information before visiting.

Last updated November 20, 2018